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The Heart of LIK

Hi-Vel Filter

Hi-Vel filter is LIK’s latest filter technology. The Hi-Vel filter is HEPA 13 grade and can block more than 99% of PM0.3, PM2.5, viruses, and bacteria. Due to its low-pressure drop characteristics, the LIK air purifier can offer high airflow with a smaller fan and battery, making LIK air purifiers lighter and smaller than most HEPA air purifiers. In addition, the Hi-Vel filter is eco-friendly. The Hi-Vel filter is a filter without extra waste and has a longer lifespan, making it a power saver.

  • High Efficiency (HEPA 13)

  • Low-Pressure Drop

  • High Airflow

  • Power Saver

  • No Extra Waste on the Filter

  • Eco-Friendly

Therefore, the size of the fan and battery could be much smaller than any other air purifier.

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The key to the efficiency of our LIK air purifier is in the five layers of protective filtration technology. The air that you breathe will follow a path through our five essential filter layers, ensuring that it is fresh and clean when it reaches your lungs.

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Our Hi-Vel filter (Ø6*42 mm) provides better protection (HEPA and Activated Carbon) and a longer lifespan compared to a regular face mask, and it is easy to replace. Additionally, its carbon footprint is 90% lower than N95 masks and could be 100% upcycled.

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