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Getting started with your Lik


Using It
LIK team believes the most important thing is that users must feel comfortable bringing it with them for daily use. You can smile while using LIK, you can carry on a conversation, and you can immediately stop using LIK at your discretion if you need to. And at the same time, you can continue to enjoy the clean, fresh air that LIK will bring to your respiratory system.

Normal Circumstances
In normal circumstances of daily life, simply bring LIK close to your nose and mouth, and the powerful inner fan will blow clean air straight towards your nose and mouth. The small, lightweight size makes LIK the perfect option for portable protection, allowing the user to remain subtle and discreet during use. There is no discomfort or embarrassment, and you will immediately experience the health and happiness brought by clean air. And if you find yourself in a situation where you need to remove LIK, you can do it quickly, storing it easily for later use.


Harshest of Poor Air Conditions
Even in the harshest of polluted air conditions, the LIK suction nozzle provides optimal protection with a sealing rate of nearly 100%. Every detail and design of our product has been carefully calculated and meticulously executed to ensure our users are receiving the highest quality of filtered air possible.

Neck Holder
Our lightweight and portable air purifier weighs only 55g. It was designed for optimal comfort during wear, and for easy hanging around your neck. While having the users be protected, it also indirectly conveys the awareness of environmental protection in the meantime.




Lower dB vibration
with longer battery life to prossess.



Higher volume of flitered air for smelly or polluted environments.

One of the Best Airflow Technologies
When you choose LIK, you are choosing the world’s most efficient micro fan technology, designed for the greatest airflow and static pressure, all in a small, portable size. Besides, the exclusive air duct design greatly reduces the vibration and noise caused by the fan and airflow.

2 Breathing Modes
LIK has a patented breathing system meets the demand for clean air at any moment, any time of the day or night.

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