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Our Commitment To An Excellent User Experience

The team at LIK set a goal to ensure that we offer an excellent user experience with our state-of-the-art system. Our lightweight and portable air purifier weigh only 55g, designed for optimal comfort during wear, and for easily hanging around your neck. The handheld use method not only ensures that the LIK is aligned with your respiratory tract, but it does not cause pressure on the head, neck, or even the ears. The strength of the powerful fan brings in clean air and fills your body through the nose or mouth. The closer the machine is to your respiratory tract, the purer the air that enters your body will be. The process is simple and intuitive, and it is as natural as breathing regularly through your mouth or nose.


Wonderful Experience
One of the best parts of the design that users love is that you can smile while using LIK, you can carry on a conversation, and you can immediately stop using LIK at your discretion if you need to. With the small, portable, and discreet design, you will never feel embarrassed or distanced from others. And at the same time, you can continue to enjoy the clean, fresh air that LIK will bring to your respiratory system.


No Side Effects
The LIK team always puts your health as our top priority, and we have ensured that our portable air purifier is designed with your complete safety in mind. There are no harmful side effects, and you can remain confident that you are receiving the purest, safest, and cleanest air with every breath you take.
With the optimal user experience of the LIK system, you are not only getting clean air, you are getting the freedom to bring it with you - anytime, anywhere.

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