1. the innovative of LIK

The Difference

of lik 


An air purifier will feature excellent technology and offer clean filtered air, but the most important thing is that users must feel comfortable bringing it with them for daily use. The LIK team performed intensive research, and upon investigation, found several factors that inhibit use of air purifiers by the end consumer.

How is LIK different from

standard Purifies? 


Users may feel that the devices are heavy and burdensome, uncomfortable for long periods of use, don’t function properly, or may feel embarrassed while using them in crowded areas.

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Environmental Sense

LIK uses materials like recyclable aluminum alloy and plastic in order to reduce harm to the environment at the end of the product life. Also, we are trying to let people know and face the harm to the Glacier brought by environmental pollution. We hope to awaken people’s awareness of protecting the environment by seeing the design of LIK every time.