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Social Responsibility

The commitment of the world’s population to social responsibility has greatly increased, as commuters, young professionals, and urban families begin to look for ways to help the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. When you choose LIK, you are making the environmentally friendly – and socially responsible – choice. Conceived from the minds of environmental experts, sustainable design and materials usage was incorporated throughout the whole creation and production process to ensure a product that meets the demands of our socially conscious customers.

The LIK filter has a surface area that carries better protection than a mask, but is smaller and carries a longer life span. Discreet and portable for both working professionals and daily commuters, the filter element also features extra protection to ensure that the filters do not need to be changed excessively due to odor or unnecessary build-up.


We view LIK as not an end but a starting point. A starting point that our team of committed experts is constantly improving upon with innovation, design, and environmental improvements to create a superior user experience.

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