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LIK is an unprecedented portable air purifier that protects users anytime, anywhere. It solves the problems of heavy weight, uncomfortableness, and inconvenience on existing portable air purifiers. The lightweight LIK air purifier has a patent on the breathing mode that allows users to choose the appropriate breathing mode in different situations. The design of the product is based on the combination of brand spirit, ergonomics, and environmental awareness. The special structure design minimizes the waste of replacement. The team hopes to use LIK to protect the health of users and awake responsibility for the environment.



LIK means equal in Norwegian, and that one word sums up our mission perfectly. We strive to create equal opportunity for fresh, clean air to protect the health and well-being of our global population, bringing joy, happiness, and longevity to all.



As an Asian, air pollution is always a big issue or even a hazard in our daily life. In 2014, the co-founder Tien Hsieh realized that one-day, people might need to be protected from air pollution every day worldwide. So he planted this question into his mind and tried to find the solution since then.


our logo & brand identity

LIK is a brand that originated from forests and glaciers, therefore, the overall structure of the logo revolves around two main ideas, mountain and river. Designers not only use clean and minimalist typography but also combine all elements closely with each other.

People Walking

corporate social responsibility

LIK is definitely a more environmentally friendly choice. From the idea of design to production, LIK was conceived by environmental experts, hoping to make a plan that balances the environment and people’s health.

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